[What is FX? ] The funny lecture for beginners

FX 為替

I’ll explain today’s theme [What is FX?].

FX Master
FX Master

I’ll explain basic knowledge of FX today!

I think FX is difficult…

FX Master
FX Master

It seems that FX is difficult, but it’s actually very simple!

FX Master
FX Master

Let’s start the lecture!

FX is an abbreviation of “foregin exchange”, and the official name is “foreign exchange margin trading”.

That’s a difficult term.

To make it easier to understand, I’ll explain it by concrete examples.


The explanation of FX in short phrase, “to buy and sell different currencies”

For example, if you buy US dollars in Japanese yen,

“Buying dollars” and “selling yen” are happening at the same time.

As a result, the exchange rate fluctuates, and FX is to make a profit by utilizing the fluctuation of this exchange rate.

▼For example

(Buy US dollars at 1 dollar = 100 yen and, one month later, sell US dollars at 1 dollar = 110 yen )
If you buy ($ 10,000),

(110-100)×10,000 =¥100,000 (profit) = $1,000 (profit)

Did you understand about FX?

I’ll explain “leverage” that is essential for fx at the next time,